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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Makita 11 lb. Demo Hammer (HM0870C)

Makita 20 lb. Demo Hammer (HM1203C)


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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


20 lb. and 11 lb. demolition hammers combine power and ease-of-use

JANUARY 19, 2011 – La Mirada, Calif. – Makita, a worldwide manufacturer of technologically advanced power tools that are more compact with less weight yet deliver industrial strength power and results, has released two new hard-hitting demolition hammers, the 11 lb. HM0870C, and the 20 lb. HM1203C. Both hammers are engineered with the Makita Motor Advantage for more efficient transfer of energy for greater power, as well as a range of additional features engineered for more efficient work.
The new hammers are part of Makita’s broad range of concrete products which includes rotary and demolition hammers, grinders and surface planers, and concrete power cutters, as well as a full line-up of carbide tipped bits, diamond blades, and other industrial accessories.
20 lb. Demolition Hammer (HM1203C)
The new 20 lb. Demolition Hammer (HM1203C) is engineered with more power, more impact energy, and less weight than the previous model. The new HM1203C is powered by a 14 AMP Makita-built motor with 18.8 ft. lbs./ 25.5 joules of impact energy and 950-1,900 BPM. At only 15.5 m/s2 vibration, the HM1203C is engineered to deliver more power to the work surface for more efficient work. The HM1203C weighs only 20.3 lbs. for an improved power-to-weight ratio, and it’s ideal for vertical and horizontal applications.
11 lb. Demolition Hammer (HM0870C)
The new 11 lb. Demolition Hammer (HM0870C) is also engineered with more power than the previous model. The new HM0870C is powered by a 10 AMP Makita-built motor with 11.4 joules of impact energy and 1,100 – 2,650 BPM. At only 11.0 m/s2 vibration, the HM0870C is engineered to deliver more power to the work surface for more efficient work. The HM0870C weighs only 11.1 lbs. for improved power-to-weight ratio. 
Makita Motor Advantage
Makita rotary and demo hammers are powered by Makita-built motors engineered with field core interlocking steel laminations, dual ball bearing armature, and a larger surface commutator resulting in the most efficient transfer of energy for more power and longer life. In addition, the HM1203C and HM0870C are engineered with Electronic Controller features including constant speed control that automatically applies additional power to the motor to maintain speed under load to complete the most challenging jobs. In addition, the soft start feature suppresses start up reaction for more control and better accuracy, and the variable speed control dial enables the user to match the speed to the application for greater versatility.
Additional features include a torque limiting clutch to prevent gear damage, L.E.D. Service Lights that notify the user before the brushes need to be replaced or when there is switch failure or cord damage, and automatic brush cut-off to protect the commutator from damage for longer tool life.  In addition, the sequential impact timing features timed hammering during rotation to minimize overlapping bit impacts, resulting in up to 50% faster drilling and longer bit life.
Engineered for Range of Applications
Both demolition hammers are engineered for a range of applications including breaking through walls, chipping excess concrete, pulling up old flooring, demolition of concrete structures, and more. The HM1203C and HM0870C are ideal for electricians, concrete contractors, flooring installers, remodelers, landscapers, and general contractors seeking a best-in-class demolition hammer.

HM1203C 20 lb. Demolition Hammer
HM0870C 11 lb. Demolition Hammer
Bit Type
Blows per Minute
950 – 1,900
1,100 – 2,650
Impact Energy
25.5 J
11.4 J
AMPS (120V)
Vibration (m/s²)
Overall Length:
Net Weight:
20.3 lbs.
11.1 lbs.

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Makita is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial quality power tools and offers a wide range of industrial accessories. Makita utilizes leading-edge technology and innovation to engineer tools that are more compact with less weight yet deliver industrial strength power and results. Makita’s extensive line of cordless lithium-ion tools includes 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion, 18V Compact Lithium-Ion®, and 12V max Lithium-Ion Other best-in-class products include rotary and demolition hammers and saws equipped with Anti-Vibration Technology™ (AVT™), 4-Cycle outdoor power equipment, Super Joint System (SJS) grinders, miter saws engineered with Deep and Exact Cutting Technology (DXT), and more. Makita U.S.A., Inc. is located in La Mirada, California, and operates an extensive distribution network located throughout the U.S. For more information, please call 800/4-MAKITA (800/462-5482) or visit the website at You can follow Makita at,, and The Makita Teal color is the trade dress of Makita Corporation and is protected under common law and registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Makita is Best in Class Engineering.


  • Makita 11 lb. Demo Hammer (HM0870C)

  • Makita 20 lb. Demo Hammer (HM1203C)


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