Impact GOLD™ Insert Bits begin with high-quality steel engineered for use with impact drivers. To help withstand the increased impact energy of the most demanding fastening applications, Impact GOLD™ Insert Bits features Xtreme Torsion Technology, which allows the torsion section of the bit to flex under load and reduce pressure off of the bit tip. Each Impact GOLD™ bit is subject to a rigorous five-stage manufacturing process which includes a correction stage engineered to deliver consistent and superior fitment, bit after bit. Makita Impact GOLD™ is designed exclusively for use with high-torque impact drivers, and it is ideal for the most demanding jobs including deck building, framing, installing plywood subfloor, and more.

MAXIMIZE Bit Life: Combine an Impact GOLD™ Bit with an Impact GOLD™ Insert Bit Holder and achieve up to 15X longer life  

Insert Bits

Description Length Application Part # Qty./Pkg.
#1 Phillips 1" Ideal for driving screws in a wide variety of heavy-duty fastening applications including deck building, framing and installing plywood subfloor B-34936 4
#2 Phillips 1" B-34942 4
#2 Phillips 1" B-34958 15
#2 Phillips 1" B-42569 100
#4 Phillips 1" B-34964 4