Impact GOLD® Double-Ended Bits allow the user to insert the bit directly into the impact driver without the need for an insert bit holder, and with the added benefit of having two tips on one bit. Impact GOLD® Double-Ended Bits begin with high-quality steel engineered for use with impact drivers. To help withstand the increased impact energy of the most demanding fastening applications, Impact GOLD® Double-Ended Bits feature Xtreme Torsion Technology, which allows the torsion section of the bit to flex under load and reduce pressure off of the bit tip. Each Impact GOLD® Double-Ended Bit is subject to a rigorous five-stage manufacturing process which includes a correction stage engineered to deliver consistent and superior fitment, bit after bit. Makita Impact GOLD® is designed exclusively for use with high-torque impact drivers, and it is ideal for the most demanding jobs including deck building, framing, installing plywood subfloor, and more.

Impact GOLD®

Double Ended Power Bits

Description Length Screw Size/Type Part # Qty./Pkg.
#1 Phillips 2-1/2" Ideal for driving screws in a wide variety of heavy-duty fastening applications including deck building, framing and installing plywood subfloor B-39578 3
#2 Phillips 2-1/2" B-39584 3
#3 Phillips 2-1/2" B-39590 3
#1 Square
#2 Square
#3 Square
2-1/2" B-49600 1
T15 Torx®
T20 Torx®
T25 Torx®
2-1/2" B-49616 1
#2 Phillips & #2 Square;
#2 Phillips & T25 Torx®;
#2 Square & T25 Torx®
2-1/2" B-49622 1
#1 Phillips 3-1/2" B-39609 1
  #2 Phillips 3-1/2"   B-39615 1
  #3 Phillips 3-1/2"   B-39621 1
  #2 Phillips 6"   B-39637 1