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For use in reinforced & non-reinforced concrete, block, brick etc.
Specially designed carbide tip geometry for increased penetration
Core body length: 6"
Usable drilling depth: 4-3/8"
Accessory Table
Diameter(1) Core Part #(4) Guide Plate Part #(2) 12" Shank Part #(2) 18" Shank Part #(3) Center Pin Part #Model
1"752119-A-752133-A752134-A752131-AHR3851, HR4040C, HR5000
1-1/8"752120-A-752133-A752134-A752131-AHR3851, HR4040C, HR5000
1-1/4"752121-A752137-A752133-A752134-A752131-AHR3851, HR4040C, HR5000
1-3/8"752122-A752138-A752133-A752134-A752131-AHR3851, HR4040C, HR5000
1-1/2"752123-A752139-A752135-A752136-A752132-AHR3851, HR4040C, HR5000
1-3/4"752124-A752140-A752135-A752136-A752132-AHR3851, HR4040C, HR5000
2"752125-A752141-A752135-A752136-A752132-AHR3851, HR4040C, HR5000
2-1/2"752126-A752142-A752135-A752136-A752132-AHR3851, HR4040C, HR5000
3"752127-A752143-A752135-A752136-A752132-AHR3851, HR4040C, HR5000
3-1/2"752128-A752144-A752135-A752136-A752132-AHR3851, HR4040C, HR5000
4"752129-A752145-A752135-A752136-A752132-AHR3851, HR4040C, HR5000
Warning: Always wear eye protection. Follow instructions and warnings provided with your power tools.

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